Package: io License: LGPL Author: Guilherme Blanco <> Author: Jonathan Wage <> Author: Roman Borschel <> Version: $Revision: 3938 $ Since: 2.0 Link: Located at io/db/dbms/Doctrine/Common/DoctrineException.php

Base Exception class of Doctrine

Extended by DoctrineException
Methods summary
# __construct( string $message = "", Exception $cause = null )

Initializes a new DoctrineException.

public static
# notImplemented( string $method = null, string $class = null )

Throws a DoctrineException reporting not implemented method in a given class

public static
# __callStatic( string $method, array $arguments = array() )

Implementation of __callStatic magic method.

public static string|false
# getExceptionMessage( string $messageKey )

Retrieves error string given a message key for lookup

public static
# unknownColumnType( mixed $type )
public static
# typeExists( mixed $type )
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