Package: phpboost Author: Loic Rouchon <> Desc: This class is a ExtensionPointProvider factory providing some services like mass operations (on several modules at the same time) or identifications methods to get all ExtensionPointProvider that provide a given extension point Located at phpboost/extension-provider/ExtensionPointProviderService.class.php
Methods summary
# __construct( )
public Object[string]
# get_extension_point( string $extension_point, string[] $authorized_providers_ids = null )
public ExtensionPointProvider[]
# get_providers( string $extension_point, ExtensionPointProvider[] $authorized_providers_ids = null )
public ExtensionPointProvider
# get_provider( string $provider_id )
public boolean
# provider_exists( string $provider_id, mixed $extensions_points = null )
Constants summary
string EXTENSION_POINT_PROVIDER_SUFFIX 'ExtensionPointProvider'