Package: io Author: Loic Rouchon <> See: FileTemplate Desc: This loader is the most used. It takes a file identifier as input. This identifier corresponds to a file that can be different from the user's theme. In fact, when it loads a template, its looks for it at several places. For a module template, it can be the default one which is in the /module/templates directory, but if the file is specialized by the theme, it loads it from the theme directory. All that is explained in the FileTemplate class description. This loader supports caching and stores cache files in the /cache/tpl directory, their name are related to their source's real path. Located at io/template/loader/FileTemplateLoader.class.php
FileTemplateLoader implements TemplateLoader
Methods summary
# __construct( string $identifier, TemplateData $data )
public string
# load( )
public boolean
# supports_caching( )
public string
# get_cache_file_path( )