Package: io Author: Benoit Sautel <> Desc: This class enables you to handle a template whose input is not a file but directly a string. To be always as efficient as possible, it uses cache if it evaluates that it could be faster. But when string templates are cached, they are saved on the filesystem and use some disk space. It's the reason why there is an option enabling to forbid it to cache a template if you think that it's not required to have a big efficiency. It will be the case for instance when you know that a string template will be used only once a month. Located at io/template/StringTemplate.class.php
AbstractTemplate implements Template
Extended by StringTemplate
Methods summary
# __construct( string $content, boolean $use_cache = StringTemplate::USE_CACHE_IF_FASTER )
Methods inherited from AbstractTemplate
__clone(), add_lang(), add_subtemplate(), assign_block_vars(), assign_vars(), disable_strict_mode(), display(), enable_strict_mode(), get_data(), get_pictures_data_path(), put(), put_all(), render(), set_data()
Constants summary
boolean DONT_USE_CACHE false

It chooses if it has to cache or not the string according to its length.

boolean USE_CACHE_IF_FASTER true

Forbids it to cache this string template.

Properties inherited from AbstractTemplate
$data, $loader, $renderer