Package: content Author: Benoît Sautel <> Desc: This class ensures the real time processing of the content. The major part of the processing is saved in the database to minimize as much as possible the treatment when the content is displayed. However, some tags cannot be cached, because we cannot have return to the original code. It's for instance the case of the code tag which replaces the code by a lot of html code which formats the code. This kind of tag is treated in real time by this class. The content you put in that parser must come from a ContentFormattingParser class (BBCodeParser or TinyMCEParser) (it can have been saved in a database between the first parsing and the real time parsing). Located at content/formatting/parser/ContentSecondParser.class.php
AbstractParser implements FormattingParser
Extended by ContentSecondParser
Methods summary
# __construct( )
# parse( )
public static string
# export_html_text( string $html_content )
Methods inherited from AbstractParser
_parse_imbricated(), add_module_special_tag(), get_content(), get_module_special_tags(), get_page_path(), get_path_to_root(), set_content(), set_page_path(), set_path_to_root()
Constants summary
integer MAX_CODE_LENGTH 40000

Maximal number of characters that can be inserted in the [code] tag. After that, GeSHi has many difficulties to highligth and has the PHP execution stop (error 500).

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$array_tags, $content, $module_special_tags, $page_path, $path_to_root