Package IO\Data\config

Package IO\Data\config

Classes summary
AbstractConfigData This is a default and minimal implementation of the ConfigData interface.

This class manages config loading and saving. It makes a two-level lazy loading:

  • A top-level cache which avoids loading a data if it has already been done since the beginning of the current page generation. This cache has a short life span: it's flushed as of the PHP interpreter reaches the end of the page generation.
  • A filesystem or shared RAM cache to avoid querying the database many times to obtain the same value. This cache is less powerful than the previous one but it has an infinite life span. Indeed, it's valid until the value changes and the manager is asked to store it
Interfaces summary

This interface represents configuration data which are stored automatically by the config manager. The storage mode is very powerful, it uses a two-level cache and the database.

They are stored in a map associating a value to a property

Exceptions summary

This exception is raised when a configuration entry is load whereas it doesn't exists in the database.

PropertyNotFoundException This exception is raised when a not existing property is asked in a ConfigData object.