Package IO\Data\store

Package IO\Data\store

Classes summary

This data store is not already available, the APC PHP extension must be enabled for you yo use it. When it's available, it provides a memory area that is persistent (its life span is no the page execution) and shared by all simultaneous page executions. This is very efficient and has an infinite life span (in fact it's the Web server's one).

DataStoreFactory This factory returns you the data store that are the best for your requirements.

This data store is not very efficient but is the only one which has an infinite life span when APC is not available. It stores data in the /cache folder.


This is a very efficient data store, but its principal weakness is that it's life span is very short, in fact it's the page's execution. It's to use when you know that the data you want to store will be accessed several times during the page execution.

Interfaces summary

This interface represents a data store. Its different implementations store data in different physical areas, you have to use it according to the data's life span and the efficiency you need. A container can store several pieces of data, each of one has a string identifier you choose. That identifier must be a string with only letters and digits.

Exceptions summary