Package: Builder\Form\field Copyright: © 2005-2019 PHPBoost License: GNU/GPL-3.0 Author: Regis VIARRE Version: PHPBoost 5.2 - last update: 2016 10 28 Since: PHPBoost 2.0 - 2009 04 28 Contributor: Julien BRISWALTER Contributor: Arnaud GENET Located at: builder/form/field/FormFieldMultiLineTextEditor.class.php

This class manage multi-line text fields, but the text can't be formatted.

AbstractFormField implements FormField
Extended by FormFieldMultiLineTextEditor
Methods summary
# __construct( string $id, string $label, string $value, array $field_options = array(), array $constraints = array() )

Constructs a multi line text edit. In addition to the FormField parameters, there are these ones:

  • rows: the number of rows of the texarea
  • cols: the number of cols of the textarea
public string
# display( )

Return the element

# compute_options( array & $field_options )
protected Template
Properties summary
protected integer $rows
# 5
protected integer $cols
# 40