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Finds a folder according to the user language. You find the file in a folder in which there is one folder per lang. If it doesn't exist, you want to choose the file in another language. This function returns the path of an existing file (if the required lang exists, it will be it, otherwise it will be one of the existing files).

Copyright: © 2005-2019 PHPBoost License: GNU/GPL-3.0 Author: Regis VIARRE Version: PHPBoost 5.2 - last update: 2018 10 26 Since: PHPBoost 3.0 - 2010 01 22 Contributor: Julien BRISWALTER Contributor: Arnaud GENET Located at helper/
Parameters summary
string $dir_path Path of the folder in which you want to search
string $require_dir Default folder
string $fatal_error = true true if you want to throw a fatal error if no file could be found, false otherwise.
Return value summary
string The path of the folder you search.