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Loads a configuration file. You choose a bases path, and you specify a folder name in which you file should be found, if it doesn't exist, it will take a file in another folder. It's very interesting when you want to

Copyright: © 2005-2019 PHPBoost License: GNU/GPL-3.0 Author: Regis VIARRE Version: PHPBoost 5.2 - last update: 2018 10 26 Since: PHPBoost 3.0 - 2010 01 22 Contributor: Julien BRISWALTER Contributor: Arnaud GENET Located at helper/
Parameters summary
string $dir_path Path of the file (relative from this page).
string $require_dir The name of the folder in which the configuration file should be. This folder must be in the bases file ($dir_path). If this directory doesn't exist, another will be read.
string $ini_name = 'config.ini' The name of the configuration file you want to know.
Return value summary
string[] The configuration values contained in the file $dir_path/$require_dir/$ini_name.